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Group building activity - villa barbecue

November 29, 2022

In order to benefit the physical and mental health of employees, exercise everyone's physical quality, improve the cohesion of the team, strengthen the communication and exchange of employees, enrich their amateur cultural life, and cultivate the good quality of tenacious struggle and courage. According to your discussion, the group building activity on August 25, 2022 will be designated as Villa Barbecue.

The time is set as: 5am on Saturday - 12am the next day. The main content of the activity is barbecue. Participants: All employees of the company can bring their families.

In the group construction activities, tomorrow's group construction camp reminder will definitely strengthen the importance of safety work and remind everyone to pay attention to various safety issues in driving and sightseeing. And take the regular travel medicines: carsickness medicine, Band Aid, Weishuping, Liushen pill, purple potion, etc.

2. Barbecue type

Roast skewers: mutton skewers, pork tendons, chicken wings, beef skewers, ham sausage, chicken heart, chicken, sternum, bone and meat, corn, garlic, steamed bread slices, potatoes, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, peppers, etc., all of which are available for your choice.

Barbecue appliances: oven grill, charcoal, brush, tables and chairs, etc.

Drink: Drink freely.

Entertainment: Free fishing. (The fish can be taken away. Bring your own fishing rod and fish food.)

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