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Customized coaxial binary cylindrical sensor international standard with portable aluminum alloy box travel convenience

November 06, 2023

  The price of online monitoring of negative oxygen ions in the urban environment depends on the monitoring parameters required by the user, such as: Conventional negative ion online monitoring equipment includes: Negative ions, temperature, humidity, PM2.5, PM10, etc., the price of these sensors is different. Users need to report their monitoring needs to the corresponding negative ion monitoring equipment manufacturers to obtain the online monitoring price of negative oxygen ions in the urban environment.

  For example, the ONETEST-500XP series of negative oxygen ion monitoring system independently developed and produced by Shenzhen Manyi Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly used in forestry, scenic spots, parks, environmental protection, meteorology, urban research and other fields, with Internet of Things cloud platform data can be real-time LED large screen display, data can be reported to the relevant departments.

It can be matched with solar panels to achieve 24-hour unmanned monitoring and recording automatic monitoring, the system can measure and record a large area of air quality, and transmit the data to the Internet of Things cloud platform in real time, the computer can log in to view the data, can draw real-time curve analysis, can also download and export the data form, alarm value setting wechat, SMS, Email and other early warning methods.

  Shenzhen Wanyi Technology Co., Ltd. independently developed and produced ONETEST-500XP series of negative oxygen ion monitoring system, support mass customization, OEM, labeling and other services, equipment installation is very simple, free on-site installation service

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The main products developed by Wanyi technology: environmental air quality monitoring instrument, air environment fresh index monitoring system, negative ion detector, negative ion sensor, dust detector, gas detector, gas detection module, radiation detector, etc...

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