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November 07, 2023


  Which brand of y ray radiation detector is normal? Many users who want to buy nuclear radiation detectors are stumped by this problem, in fact, it is not too difficult, only need to pay attention to two points.

The first point is that if you want to distinguish which brand of y ray radiation detector is normal, it is necessary to pay attention to the core components "sensors" used by the instrument, mainly: Scintillation crystals, Geiger counters, semiconductor detectors, etc., if it is used in industry, strongly push the "Geiger counter" the sensor has a long history and outstanding performance, and is still a commonly used sensor in radioactivity measurement and dosimetry.

  The second point needs to pay attention to whether the instrument manufacturer supports the inspection of the third party metrology institute, note that it is not that kind of enterprise, it is the regional level of South China, North China, the national kind, these metrology institutes are very formal, the report issued is more convincing, the cost of the inspection of the third party metrology institute is generally borne by the user. If there is no need to find the manufacturer to ask whether the instrument can be issued by the metrology institute measurement report is good, if you want to send it to the manufacturer to discuss the inspection but immediately return. (The inspection is free of charge, and there is no loss for the user)

  Shenzhen Wanyi Technology Co., Ltd. has been doing radiation detector for eight or nine years, and it is also relatively well understood by peers. Generally speaking, regular manufacturers support the second point.

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