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Manual and automatic zeroing mode RS232 data output air negative oxygen ion sensor

November 09, 2023

  The atmospheric negative oxygen ion monitoring sensor is a real-time environmental negative ion concentration measurement sensor that can be used in forestry, scenic spots, parks, environmental protection, meteorology, urban research, system integration and other fields. The data can be uploaded to the cloud platform. Users can view and analyze the data through data management software and print out the charts or reports. Or perform data configuration directly to the LED display for display.

  ONETEST-502XPS atmospheric negative oxygen ion monitoring sensor is a high-precision instrument, using the international common measurement method "coaxial binary cylinder" measurement principle, with high consistency, high precision, high stability and other features, RS232 data output, open protocol can be secondary development, measuring range is: 10-2 million /cm³ is enough to meet outdoor monitoring needs.

  Atmospheric negative oxygen ion monitoring sensor ONETEST-502XPS modular low-power design, easy to use, docking protocol startup immediately test data real-time upload, with automatic mode is not afraid of high zero drift and other problems intelligent zero, low maintenance is not afraid of high humidity and temperature environment, reliability is first class, can be large-scale laying, The corresponding certificates of the sensor have been provided to support the inspection of the third-party metrology institute, you can consult Wanyi Technology.

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