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Pavement ponding monitor


Pavement ponding monitor adopts hidden buried installation mode, which meets the demand of current urban landscape. Dual mode (ultrasonic and conductivity) working mode can well solve the problem of product battery life, the use of internal intelligent algorithm, automatic switch measurement mode, effectively reduce the power consumption of products. Due to the particularity of road water, the installation position of the equipment is in a state of no water in most of the time, so it is a waste of power to directly measure with a single ultrasonic signal, which has an important impact on the service time of the battery of the product. Therefore, four electrodes (mutual backup) are introduced. The use of electrodes to measure the conductivity of water to determine whether there is water, because the measurement of the conductivity of the work is very small power consumption, this can greatly improve the utilization of the battery. When water is measured, the Pavement ponding monitor automatically switches to the ultrasonic measurement state. However, in order to ensure the reliability of the work, the ultrasonic wave will be started regularly, the electrical conductivity measurement results for compound judgment.

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