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Shenzhen Wanyi Technology Co., Ltd. relying on years of market experience and strong scientific research technology, successfully developed RS485 output mica geiger counter RAD-S104 radiation sensor. Modern technologies innovate means are adopted for the flawless manufacturing of RS485 output mica geiger counter RAD-S104 radiation sensor.So far, the application areas of the product have been expanded to the Environmental Sensors. Shenzhen Wanyi Technology Co., Ltd. hope that we can respond more rapidly to changes in the industry with a deeper understanding of the market needs. We believe that we will stand out in the global market with our finest-quality products and unparalleled services.

Model Number:RAD-S104Type:nuclear radiation sensor
Place of Origin:ShenzhenBrand Name:ONETEST
Usage:Measures Alpha, Beta, Gamma and X-RaysTheory:Mica Geiger Counter
Output:RS485Description:nuclear radiation sensor
Measurement type:Alpha, beta, gamma and X raysMeasuring range:0.001-100 mR/h, 0.01-1000uSv/h, 0-5000 CPS (unit selectable)
precision:±15%sensor:Mica Geiger Counter (Imported from USA)
energy range:20KeV~3Mevdata output:RS-485
Units of measurement:mR/h, uSv/h, CPS three unitsOperating temperature:-20℃ to 60℃
Alarm function:Two-level sound and light alarmpowered by:12-24DCV

Product Description

     The RAD-S104 fixed radiation sensor probe adopts the large-end window mica geiger counter imported from the United States, with stable and reliable data, which can quickly detect the hard α, β, γ and Χ rays in the environment or products in real time, and quickly find the radioactive source. Mainly used for radiation monitoring system integration, X-ray machine leakage, security inspection machines, hospitals, pharmaceutical factories and other occasions, the factory has been calibrated, users can directly read the data through the RS485 digital communication protocol, and use it online with the GM-R200 radiation monitoring system host. .


    Equipped with sound and light alarms, it can remind on-site personnel to pay attention to radiation protection and avoid continuous radiation exposure hazards. At the same time, the measurement data can be uploaded to the radiation safety management system in real time, which is convenient for the storage of measurement data, and the query and statistical analysis of subsequent historical data and alarm information.


RS485 output mica geiger counter RAD-S104 radiation sensorRS485 output mica geiger counter RAD-S104 radiation sensorRS485 output mica geiger counter RAD-S104 radiation sensorRS485 output mica geiger counter RAD-S104 radiation sensorRS485 output mica geiger counter RAD-S104 radiation sensor

     With the development of science and technology, the in-depth application of the Internet of Things and big data information systems in various industries, the information-based online monitoring of various elements of the ecological environment has become a major trend in ecological environment monitoring. It is a set of software and hardware network management platform for integrated monitoring of air quality, meteorology, water quality and atmosphere and other ecological environment elements. It realizes functions such as data reception, analysis and statistics, query, curve analysis and WEB publishing. The display shows the measurement data in real time. The system mainly monitors: atmospheric pollutants, meteorological multi-elements, hydrology and water quality and other subsystems, which can be split and constructed independently according to project requirements.

RS485 output mica geiger counter RAD-S104 radiation sensor


Company Information


Shenzhen Kainafu Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech and environmentally friendly technology enterprise integrating R&D, sales, after-sales and technical consulting. Composed of 16 senior engineers with many years of market application experience and maintenance experience, Shenzhen Canafor Technology Co., Ltd. has passed ISO9001 and ISO14001 system certification, and has a number of patents such as water quality monitoring cloud platform software and system design.

RS485 output mica geiger counter RAD-S104 radiation sensorRS485 output mica geiger counter RAD-S104 radiation sensorRS485 output mica geiger counter RAD-S104 radiation sensor


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 * Standardized workshop and calibration process
* Professional quality inspection of 4-12 employees
* Fast delivery, free technical assistance
* Warranty 1 year


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 We usually quote within 12 hours after receiving your inquiry. If you are very anxious to get the price, please let us know in your email so that we can contact and communicate in time.

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 fter confirming the price, you can request samples to check the quality of our products. As long as you can afford the express freight, we will provide you with samples.

What is your business scope?

 We mainly produce and sell air quality and water quality instruments, such as water quality sensors, water quality online monitoring equipment, air anion detectors, radiation detectors, gas detectors and some of our agents. Welcome to consult

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Within 5-7 working days after payment is confirmed, customized products need to be discussed in detail, and the warranty period is one year


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