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Ambient air quality monitoring system
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   ONETEST-80AQ pollution control and haze Reduction monitoring station system is a high-performance environmental quality monitoring equipment developed and produced by Shenzhen Wanyi Technology Co., Ltd. based on years of instrument development experience and combined with sensor technology at home and abroad. The optional parameters are: Carbon monoxide (CO), ozone (O3), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitric oxide (NO), temperature, humidity, PM2.5, PM10, wind speed, wind direction, atmospheric pressure, indoor and outdoor long-term online monitoring; The built-in 7-inch touch screen can store monitoring data in real time and export it by USB disk. It can realize automatic drawing of data and curves and record historical data, so as to facilitate analysis and research. At the same time, the wireless cloud platform technology of Wanyi Technology Co., Ltd. can be selected to upload the data to the cloud in real time, search and control anytime and anywhere, providing necessary tools for building intelligent monitoring.

   ONETEST-80AQ pollution control and haze reduction monitoring station system has rich display screen, flexible operation mode and powerful recording, calculation, control and management functions. The standard parameters of this product include CO, O3, NO2, SO2, NO, temperature, humidity, PM2.5, PM10, wind speed, wind direction, and atmospheric pressure.

Product characteristics

  This product can monitor various gas content, dust particles, atmospheric parameters and other changes in the air for a long time. The built-in 7-inch touch screen and wireless transmission device (commonly known as DTU) can realize online and offline dual-channel data management, data storage, data viewing, data download, and alarm values can be set. Notify users by SMS, wechat or email which monitoring parameters are abnormal, so as to achieve early warning effect and facilitate users to troubleshoot and solve problems in time. Rear hanging installation mode, indoor and outdoor installation. All power supplies are 12V DC power supplies with low power consumption and convenient connection. Users can also buy large-screen display function, through online cloud platform, wireless transmission technology, real-time monitoring data displayed on the screen, convenient for use

Technical Index

Parameters / metrics




0.001 ppm

0-10 ppm


1 ppb

0-2000 ppb


1 ppb

0-2000 ppb


1 ppb

0-2000 ppb


1 ppb

0-2000 ppb


1 ug/m³

0-1000 ug/m³


1 ug/m³

0-2000 ug/m³

wind speed

0.1 m/s

0-70 m/s

wind direction

Start the wind speed at 0.3 m / s

16 The azimuth


0.1 ℃

-4060 ℃


0.1 %RH

0-99.9 %RH


0.1 hpa

300-1100 hpa

display mode

7-inch touch type color LCD collector, can display real-time data, curves, bar chart, etc

Built-in storage

Built-in 64 MHz storage capacity, can set the storage interval time

Data export

Use the U disk to export the data, equipped with a dedicated PC analysis software

presentation of information

RS485 or an optional GPRS

Automatic constant temperature

Built-in automatic thermostatic device, which can be automatically adjusted according to the ambient temperature and humidity

work environment

-2060℃,  5%-95%RH

Cloud Platform data management:

1. The necessary parameters of the embedded software can be set and modified through the computer terminal, such as the geographical location, altitude, time, and sampling frequency of the monitoring station

2, when the device has abnormal automatic protection, can give alarm messages, email, wechat and other information

3. It has the function of parameter setting, supports remote configuration, and has the operation status monitoring and alarm functions

4. It has the original observation data, quality control data, analysis and processing data and other warehousing, query and retrieval functions

5. Has the function of generating real-time transmission files according to the prescribed data format and file naming rules

6. Support computer / mobile phone / iPad and other devices to view data, curve drawing, data storage and download, device map and other functions

7. Setable online measurement interval mode

thermometer screen:

Waterproof, radiation protection, high temperature resistance, anti-aging, fixed height of 2 meters U-shaped fixed thickness of 1mm

Lightning protection system:

With a lightning protection module

Display support:

Support mobile terminal, computer, tablet, multimedia display machine, networked TV, outdoor LED screen, etc


According to the ONETEST calibration system and particulate matter measurement standards

supply electricity



About 7Kg

Outdoor LED display screen specifications


Default full-color P3 1.35X0.87m (customizable monochrome screen, two-color screen)

Installation column:

Double column height 1.5mm thickness 1mm 4 empty fixed

supply electricity:

220V mains or solar power

construction drawing:


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