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    RAD-S102 fixed radiation sensor probe adopts thin-walled metal Geiger counter tube, with stable and reliable data. It can quickly detect the hard β, γ and χ rays in the environment or articles in real time, and quickly find radioactive sources. It is mainly used for radiation monitoring system integration, X-ray machine leakage, security inspection machines, hospitals, pharmaceutical factories and other occasions. It has been calibrated before leaving the factory, and users can directly read the data through RS485 digital communication protocol, and it can also be used online with the host computer of GM-R200 radiation monitoring system.

An external audible and visual alarm can be connected to remind the field personnel to pay attention to radiation protection to avoid continuous radiation exposure. At the same time, the measurement data can be uploaded to the radiation safety management system in real time, which is convenient for the storage of measurement data and the query, statistics and analysis of subsequent historical data and alarm information.

Main features:

1. Unit display mR/h, SV/h, CPS.

2. With RS48 output bus and free docking protocol.

3. It can be used immediately after leaving the factory, and has sensitive response without secondary calibration.

4. Built-in thin-walled metal geiger counter tube has long service life.

5. It can be fixed or moved, and it is more convenient to use with our GM-R200 mainframe.

Measurement typeHard β, γ, X-ray.measuring range0.08-2000uSv/h
sensorThin-walled metal geiger tubeAlarm functionSound and light alarm
Sensor life5X109data output

RS485 MODBUS protocol

precisionAbout 3900CPM/mR/hPower Supply 


operational current25-70mAsize17X9.2X4.7CM
working environment-20 ℃ to 60 ℃after serviceThe whole machine is guaranteed for one year

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