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At the same time multi-parameter display data GPRS function with calibration function of indoor air quality detector

November 08, 2023

  As a participating unit in the group standard of "Indoor Environment Comfort Detector" (T/CAQI 143-2020), Wanyi Technology has a certain say. Indoor environmental quality is commonly evaluated by indoor environment comfort, which is used to measure people's satisfaction with their indoor environment. The average value is obtained according to the national standard method for long-term continuous monitoring. The ONETEST-101AQ indoor environment comfort detector developed and produced by Wanyi Technology is such an instrument.

  The instrument is covered with various sensors from inside to outside, and the main monitoring indicators are: PM2.5, PM10, temperature, humidity, wind speed, radiation temperature, illuminance noise, CO2, etc., users can choose to increase according to their own needs, the use of 7-inch touch display is simple to operate, while displaying real-time data, curve is also real-time drawing, can set the alarm value, 60MHz memory, data storage interval can also be set. Data tables can be exported from a USB flash drive or viewed using dedicated PC analysis software. (Optional GPRS function, upload the data to the cloud monitoring platform, mobile phones, computers and TVS can view the data in real time)

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The main products developed by Wanyi technology: environmental air quality monitoring instrument, air environment fresh index monitoring system, negative ion detector, negative ion sensor, dust detector, gas detector, gas detection module, radiation detector, etc...

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